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         Welcome to Trillium Rhythmic Family


Trillium Cup 2019 


We proudly announce OPEN REGISTRATION for Trillium Cup 2019 

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                   Trillium Rhythmic at the Worlds

 We are very proud of our two gymnasts

Anastasia Shanko and Alexandra Udachina 

who's representing Canada and Trillium RGA as a members of Canadian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Group at the 36th FIG World Championship in Sofia-Bulgaria 



      Welcome to Trillium Rhythmic Family

Congratulations to Bronze Winners

at Pacific Rim Championship 2018

in Columbia



 Congrats to Trillium Rhythmic group 

with Canadian Junior Champions 2018 title









with best results at National Juniors.

 Anastasia Shanko

Vivienne Lee Motkine

Katherine Savchenko 

Trillium Rhythmic gymnasts dominated

in all participated categories and levels.

Canadian Gymnastics Championship 2014

 Anastasia Shanko awarded

Miss Elegance 2014


to Vivienne Lee Motkine for making to the finals.

Top results overall in level 9 Junior:

Vivienne Lee Motkine 2nd Place

Anastasia Shanko 3rd Place

Dasha Sokolova 18th

Alexandra Udachina 19th

Top results in Novice Category:

Katherine Savchenko overall 5th: Free 3rd, Hoop 4th,

Kcenia Osipenko overall 15th: Rope 7th, Ball 13th


         Trillium Rhythmic Video Channel

  Eastern Canadian Championship 2014          

Trillium Rhythmic Eastern Canadian Champion

Anastasia Shanko - 1st (Junior) 
Vivienne Lee Motkine - 2nd (Junior)
Katherine Savchenko- 1st (Novice)
Kcenia Osipenko - 4th (Novice)
Alexandra Udachina - 10th (Junior)
Dasha Sokolova - 11th (Junior)
Katya Buchko - 12th (Junior) 
and participants

We are Elite Ontario 




 Congratulation to all

Ontario Champions 2014

and Trillium Rhythmic TEAM

Anastasia Shanko, Vivienne Lee Motkine, Dasha Sokolova,

 Alexandra Udachina, Katya Buchko, Eden Raitman

 Zareen Husain, Ada Cristescu,

Miriam Mann, Alexandra Garber

Nicole Lube, Katherine Savchenko, Kcenia Osipenko

Gloria Hauer, Mariam Iordachescu 


           Ontario Championship 2012

Trillium Taste of Gold

 Congratulations from all Trillium Crew!!!

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a Princess of Olympic Sports 

Welcome to Trillium Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy

and the world of Toronto Rhythmic Gymnastics!

An Olympic sport since 1984, Rhythmic Gymnastics

combines the graceful movement of ballet with the fun and

challenge of handling hoops, balls, ribbons, ropes or clubs.

Gymnasts ages 3 and up can participate at a level that

is right for them:  from recreational levels such as Interclub,

to competitive Provincial, National and lnternational levels.

  Popular in Europe and Asia, Rhythmic Gymnastics

is a growing sport in Canada. The first ever Olympic gold

medal in Rhythmic was won in 1984 by Canadian Lori Fung.

Most recently, Toronto resident & Rhythmic Gymnast

Alexandra Orlando proudly represented Canada at the

Beijing Olympics in 2008. In 2006, Orlando also became

one of only three competitors from any country to win

6 gold medals at a single Commonwealth Cup.



Trillium Rhythmic offers excellent training facilities,4500

square foot gymnasium with a clearance height of 30 feet. 

However, we truly believe that the benefits of rhythmic

gymnastics extend far beyond the obvious physical training

and exercise. Our club will inspire your daughter to be the

best that she can be at every level of her training. Along with

flexibility and fitness, she will be developing poise, grace,

self- confidence and skill. Competitions occur throughout

the school year, and give her many opportunities to perform

and improve .


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